Peninsula Publishing: your Source for Classics.

We specialize in publishing books in the fields of acoustics and a wide range of radio frequency related disciplines. These books are classics that belong on your reference shelf by virtue of their timeless value measured against a swiftly-changing technological landscape.

Our books dealing with acoustics fall into two areas:

1) General acoustics.

2) Underwater acoustics.

The general acoustics books address the specialized areas of psychoacoustics, psychophysics, aeroacoustics, architectural and building acoustics extending to design and vibration isolation and noise control. The underwater acoustics books address underwater sound propagation, ambient noise, hydrophones, transducers, sonars, signal processing, operations research, and submarine and antisubmarine warfare.

The radio frequency books cover the specialized areas of radio frequency propagation, radar modelling, communication theory, decision theory, traveling wave antennas, antenna theory, electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, and electronic counter-countermeasures.

Please visit our Links page for further information resources in the areas of acoustics, sonars, electronic warfare and electronic countermeasures.

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